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Tooling Plant was etablished In 1938 as a part of industrial Complex Huta Stalowa Wola. In 1996 the plant
was separated from the HSW.

In 2004 was converted into HSW-Tooling Plant Co. Ltd.

Machines possessed by the plant make possible various production starting from simple parts to very difficult construction and units. The plant specializes In production of special tools and fixtures for construction equipment, aviation
and automotive. Tooling Plant is also the manufacturer of the other tools and fixtures made according to requirements and specification of customers which are well world-known companies.

The plants offers:
- tools for production of gears, wormgears, sprockets and splines (hobbing cutters, shaving cutters, broach tools, etc.),
- manufacturing fixtures for milling, drilling, boring as well as welding and assembling fixtures,
- spare parts,
- test stands,
- press forming fixtures and tools: punching dies and dies,
- mechanical units for internal transport,
- machining operations per customers specification,
- heat treatment services.

We offer You our products manufactured according to: company standards, PN (Polish Standard), EN, DIN, ASTM and others.

We encourage you to take advantage of our offer.


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