1. Segment forms.
  2. Tools used in industries such as aerospace and automotive:
    • welding,
    • assembly,
    • drilling,
    • milling,
    • boring,
    • hardening.
  1. Universal folding assembly devices.
  2. Regeneration of machining tools.
  3. Devices according to customer’s design.
  4. Spare parts for machines and devices according to customer’s design.
  5. Arbors:
    • fixed lathe arbors,
    • milling arbors with taper shank, ISO and Morse,
    • grinding arbors.
  1. Reduction sleeves for all types of tapers.
  2. Fixed 60° external and internal teeth.


  1. Lathe knives:
    • with carbide inserts brazed to handles,
    • with tips made of high-speed steel welded to carbon steel handles.
  2. Drills:
    • twisted drills with diameters from 4mm to 80mm and lengths longer than those commonly available,
    • multi-stage with cylindrical and Morse grips.
  3. Reamers:
    • for regular reaming,
    • for protected reaming.
  4. Hand and machine taps for threads:
    • metric from M4 to M72 (straight and spiral grooves),
    • inches up to 2 ½”,
    • taper inches,
    • trapezoidal.
  5. Hand and machine reamers:
    • shank reamers with diameters from 5mm to 50mm with cylindrical and Morse grips;
    • insert reamers with diameters from 30mm to 200mm;
    • taper shank and insert reamers.
  6. Milling cutters:
    • cylindrical end mills with diameters up to 125mm,
    • three-sided disc cutters with diameters up to 125mm,
    • three-sided disc cutters with extendable blades with diameters up to 250mm and blades as spare parts for these cutters,
    • cylindrical end cutters with cylindrical and Morse grips,
    • angular shank and dovetail cutters, angle cutters,
    • disk semi-circular convex, concave and shaped contour cutters,
    • insert cutters for wood processing – shaped,
    • modular circular cutters for gears and chain wheels,
    • worm cutters for gears (modules from m=1 to m=20, pressure angles a=14º30′; 15º; 20º; 30º, class AA; A; B; C),
    • for cutting multiple projections,
    • for cutting chain wheels.
  7. Fellows gear cutters for cutting serrations:
    • insert (modules from m=2 to m=10);
    • shank (modules from m=2 to m=10);
  8. Gear hobbing cutters.
  9. Pullers:
    • round pullers for straight multiple projections (diameter from 20mm to 180 and lengths up to 1200mm),
    • involute pullers (diameter from 20mm to 180 and lengths up to 1200mm),
    • flat pullers for keyways,
    • for round and square holes,
  10. Full range digital indicators.